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So I’m a little embarrassed that I haven’t updated this blog in, ahem, almost 3 years to the day! What can I say?  I’m a harried mom of two young kids, and when they aren’t keeping me busy, and my domestic chores (I do a LOT of cooking) don’t have me overrun, then I spend the rest of my time working on a community website for gluten-free living (www.stuffed-pepper.com).

However, I’m still a mean photographer and photography is still my passion, which is why I’ve still held on this blog, with the hopes of getting back to it writing about what I do, one day.  I still happily do shoots, whenever someone calls me to.  So if you’re looking for a photographer, I’m happy to oblige. I currently specialize in product photography and food photography, although I’m most passionate about abstract photographic art that you can hang on your walls. You can check out my galleries at http://www.hkimagery.com and hkimagery.photoshelter.com.

And if you still want more, follow me on Instagram! There you will see photos that hit me spur of the moment, and usually have to do with food. They are all taken with my iPhone, with natural light, and with pretty much no food styling. Heck, I’m not getting paid, so I shoot on the run! But if you like what you see, I can do a lot more  when I have the time to pay attention to detail. 🙂 Hire me, and you’ll see!

P.S. Seeing the images in the previous two posts on this blog, compared to my current Instagram stream, I’m proud to see that my food photography skills have progressed since I first tried on the new genre 3 years ago.


About Heather Jacobsen

Researcher, author and founder of the online wellness magazine, Stuffed Pepper.
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