Yum! (my latest genre, food photography)

beef burguignon

I have just launched a new blog called Gluten-Free Foodie, because I have been gluten-free for nearly a decade and have noticed that the culinary world around me has changed drastically in the last year. The number of gluten-free options available to me now is staggering… and also exciting. Not only is this blog near and dear to my heart, because I live gluten-free every day and have lots to share with others who suffer from this.  But I now have a new genre of photography to add to my portfolio — food photography!

A foodie at heart, I have always drooled over the pages of great cooking magazines, where the images of food are so well done, you just want to reach in and grab the photo itself to eat! Probably the only cash-register line weakness that I have, is a new cooking magazine with excellent photography. But how do I begin to capture this same quality in my food photography images? Well I knew that lighting was key, but the only resources that I was able to come up with on the topic of  food photography was all about the styling of the food… an art in itself, of course. There were no books on the topic of food photography, and especially food photography lighting, at my local library, nor on Amazon. A google search didn’t help me much either.  But before diving in and experimenting with my lights on my own, I consulted one other source, my favorite source for Lighting 101, the Strobist blog by  David Hobby .

Big DUH!  Why didn’t I just go there first? I found one entry on lighting for food photography, and that was all I needed.  I never would have thought to light from above and behind! That saved me a lot of time. He didn’t mention in his blog entry about using a second source of light, but I did use a second one to fill in shadows in the front.

I only hit one snag in trying to get the above picture the way I wanted it. The gravy reflected the light so that you couldn’t tell it was gravy….it just looked white and shiny (not very appealing). However, some experimentation with the angle of incidences quickly resolved this. Detailed placement of the mushrooms and pearl onions, and some fresh thyme leaves from my garden, and voila!:  beef bourguingon, good enough to eat!

Please spread the word to any of your gluten intolerant friends about my new blog. I hope to make this a great resource for those who suffer from the same affliction as me. Otherwise, if you know of any food magazines, restaurants, or chefs look for promotion through photography… please send them my way!  🙂


About Heather Jacobsen

Researcher, author and founder of the online wellness magazine, Stuffed Pepper.
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2 Responses to Yum! (my latest genre, food photography)

  1. It looks like a really good beef bourginon. I’ve met a few people who struggled with gluten-free diets when they were first diagnosed as being unable to digest it and now they’re finding it more easy: I think there’s a much better range out there, but if you’re willing to cook from scratch then it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle anyway (simply because you know EXACTLY what’s going in your food).
    Great post, love the photo 🙂

    • hk imagery says:

      Thanks, Scarlet. You are right, it is a lot easier today to be gluten-free than it was ten years ago. But until you get used to it, it is a hassle. Thanks for the pic comment, too! 🙂

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