Holy oxalis, Robin!

oxalis ground cover in Bainbridge, Washington

I just returned from a trip to the Pacific Northwest, where we were blessed with a break from the Houston heat, at least for a couple of days, until even the greater Seattle area experienced at least one 90 degree day!  While there, we visited the lovely Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, which, with its tall trees and luscious gardens, offered some shade and respite from the heat.

I LOVED the use of oxalis as a ground cover in much of the forest. Here in Houston, oxalis is considered a pesky weed, despite the fact that its flowers do make a nice picture when shot with a macro:

oxalis flowers in Houston, Texas


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6 Responses to Holy oxalis, Robin!

  1. chriscaff says:

    I really like the macro shot- and I know how hard they are to get right! The colour is spot on and composition is lovely. Three always make a satisfying picture.


    I absolutely love your photograph of the clovers. It is breathtakingly green and yet blessingly dotted with two (or do I see three) of the most beautiful and dainty white flowers! I do enjoy the color green so much; it reminds me of the vibrancy as well as the ephemerality of life. What does the color green mean to you?

    Actually, I enjoy this photograph so much that I would very much like to use it on my blog as the inspiring image of the week. As a matter of course I’d link it back to your blog as well as give you all the credit for the photograph. Naturally, should you object to this, just say the word and I shall remove the photograph at once.

    Most Sincerely,

    ~Dorian Wacquez

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