Mr. Mhoon shows off a gun from his collection

Robert Mhoon

Meet Robert J Mhoon, a native Houstonian and my next-door neighbor. He is a POW from World War II where he was imprisoned in a Romanian camp, after being shot down while gunning German oil planes. Mr. Mhoon is also an avid gun collector, and promises he’ll come running to protect me if he sees anything suspicious going on at my house. He has been married 65 years to his wife Peggy, who sadly now has Alzheimer’s and at times does not recognize Mr. Mhoon. Because of Peggy’s condition, Mr. Mhoon has to do all the household chores. He jokes that when he meets a nice lady he tells her “I do all the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry and the grocery shopping… wanna getting married?” But this is just a cover up for the pain he feels of not being recognized by the woman he loves. Robert and Peggy Mhoon have 2 sons, 6 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and a fourth one on the way.

If you like this photo and his story, please consider voting for it to be published in JPEG magazine. I think it would really make Mr. Mhoon’s day (and mine!).


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